Monday, June 3, 2013

Favorites Week

I've been asking them for weeks for ideas for Favorites Week, and since there were so many, some of them came out during the 4 seasons review too. Here's a few of them:

Dramatic Play:
Doctor's Office
Pet Store
Outer Space rocket ship

Blocks area:
Cars and roads
Farm animals and barns, plus stick horses (no pics or blog post...I was out with baby that week and there was a sub....just noticed I never blogged about it!)

Spin art with salad spinners
Puff paint in microwave (used ketchup and mustard bottles from Dollar Tree this time with a much cleaner result, except for me squirting the ceiling, to the children's delight!)
Foamie stickers

With all that chaos and fun, I also had out wicki sticks, dry erase boards, chalk boards, puzzles, the Puppet Theater, books (as always), but they pretty much played in dramatic play and blocks. It was fun seeing the dinosaurs mix into the Doctor's Office as they got sick, and then the stick horses and cowboy hats riding in the rocket to space. What a fun review of a fun year!!

The last day of school was enjoyed by making a batch of cookies (since they LOVE cooking), popping popcorn in my big popcorn machine, and watching a Leap Frog movie on the projector on the wall, just like in a real theater. They had a great time.

I can't say enough how much I have enjoyed teaching this year. It flew by so fast (what a cliche) and I'm relieved for a break, but I'm sure it'll be spent planning for next year, because there are so many great ideas I have we never got to. I can't wait!