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Welcome to Lisa’s Littlest Learners! I am so excited to have your child in my preschool class this year! I have been working hard at planning our curriculum and getting our school all ready for your kids. I look forward to a year of playing and learning with your child.

A few notes:
School starts Tuesday, August 29 and ends Thursday, May 31. I am including the extra week of August as part of September’s payment, because I will be taking a week off in February (the 6th and 8th) for a family vacation. This will keep the school year at 35 weeks. We will be following the calendar for the Davis School District so it will align with older students you may have in school. I will send monthly calendars home.
Preschool is held Tuesdays and Thursdays in my basement at 677 E Center Street, Bountiful.  School hours are 9:00-11:45. You may park anywhere in my driveway and on the curb. Please walk your child around back to the basement entrance and walk right in the door. I do not have a babysitter upstairs this year, so my front door will be locked during school hours. This will change in the winter when the snow is too deep to walk around, and we will use the front entrance.
At pick up time, I will bring the kids upstairs and out the front door. We will wait on the porch until you arrive. This should make it easier for you to pull up and take off.
There are no early drop-offs or late pick-ups unless previously arranged on a by-situation basis. I have a child in school and I won’t be here early. I will also charge a $5 late fee after 10 minutes for children not picked up on time.
Please remember to make your payments on time. Monthly payments are due on the first school day of the month. Late fees of $5 a week will be charged, starting 1 week after the due date. After 3 weeks of no payments after the due date, your child can be removed from the preschool.
Our classroom is an open classroom for all parents! I love having parents around, volunteering with the children, or just playing with their child. If you would like to come, just let me know when and what you’d like to do. You’re also welcome to drop in anytime. If you have any special interests, talents, or job experiences, etc. that you’d like to share with our class, let me know that too. You can check our schedule for the year to see if there are any themes that you could contribute to and come and share with our class. Children love having their families involved! Younger siblings are always invited when you volunteer.
Please leave sick children at home until they are well. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to: fever, diarrhea, hoarse cough, congestion, and other cold and flu symptoms. Sickness spreads quickly among children and we will work on washing our hands and keeping our environment clean around us. Please help by keeping sick children at home so they don’t spread it. I will do the same by canceling school anytime I am sick with something that I may pass on to your child. It is not worth it for your children to come to a learning environment that is unhealthy. If we all do our part, we can keep our children well and healthy throughout the school year. In the event I cancel school because of sickness, I will hold a make-up day.
Please bring a change of clothes for your child that I can keep at the school in case of an accident. You may also keep it in your child’s backpack. Children can go to the bathroom at anytime throughout the day, but they sometimes get busy playing and accidents happen. A change of clothes on hand means they can change and come back to play without a parent needing to come change them or take them home early.
We get dirty at preschool! We play outside, we paint, we color, we cook, and we experiment. I use washable art supplies, but nothing is fail proof. You are welcome to dress your child in their favorite clothes and we will do all we can to cover and protect them, but kids are kids and spills happen. If there are certain clothes and shoes you absolutely don’t want near paint or dirt, please don’t send them to school in them.
We play outside, so please dress your child appropriately for the weather and seasons. We will not go outside on a bad weather day, but we will go outside a lot, even in the winter. Please dress your child in shoes they can run around and play comfortably in and remember to send coats, hats, snow pants, gloves, and whatever your child may need outside when it’s cold. You may also send sunscreen with your child and I can make sure they put that on when it’s hot and sunny. Please let me know if you need me to do this.
I am with your children from 9:00-11:45, so if you need to talk with me about concerns or anything, please call, come early, or stay a little late. My attention needs to be on all your children when they are in my care.
I will have my phone turned on, and in the classroom, for you to call in emergencies only. I will answer the call if it is a parent, assuming that it’s urgent. Please only call during class times if you need to get hold of me or your child for an emergency. I will not take personal calls or texts during class time. The back entrance also remains open during class time, so come through that door if you are picking up a child early, stopping by to visit or volunteer, or anything else. I will not answer my door upstairs during school hours.
I do my best to keep up on the blog so you can see what we’re learning. I won’t post pictures of your children, just the activities we’re doing. I know how much kids tell once they get home, so you can see what we’re doing here if they don’t share much.
We love celebrating birthdays, so we’ll arrange a school day closest to your child’s birthday to celebrate. You are welcome to come to school 15 minutes before pick up that day. You may bring a poster or pictures of your child, if you want. You may also bring a snack or treat to share. This is all optional, keep it simple and fun!
Kids love show and tell. I’ve tried in the past to hold it every other week, but they like it too much. So even with school only 2 days a week, we will hold show and tell on Thursdays. The kids just love sharing their things and there’s a lot of positive things they learn from it. They can bring anything they want to show off.
Please feel free to communicate with me about anything! I love feedback from parents and will listen to and resolve concerns you may have. I am here to teach your children and give them a great first experience in the world of learning. I have a thousand bullet points here of things I want you to know, but it’s likely I left something off and concerns or questions will come up in the future. Please don’t hold back! Open communication is the best way for us to work together and ensure your child is receiving the best early education they need.

Lisa Nielsen
Lisa’s Littlest Learners

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