Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I got nervous over the weekend, when nothing happened! Monday was day 11-12 for some of them, and the instructions say they should emerge in 7-10 days. I had them outside much of the day Monday, thinking they might need some warmth since it is cooler downstairs and it'd been a cold weekend.
Tuesday morning, my kids woke up and saw a butterfly! We got breakfast and I got an orange slice to feed it, and when I put it in, I noticed 2 more butterflies! I was most excited to see the dented one on the floor had emerged and was just fine.

The kids were excited to see them, but a little bored, because they just sat there. I wasn't sure what time they had emerged, but I did explain to them that they need time to dry and stretch out their wings, plus get the blood flowing.

During snack, they started flapping more, then even flew around. So as the kids finished, they came and watched them, and all got to see them flap and fly. They were squealing and laughing and loved watching them move!

It's going to be so much fun to release them on Thursday!

**note added Wednesday, one more butterfly emerged, one more to go!

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