Friday, May 26, 2017

Releasing our butterflies

I was so happy to have 4 butterflies to release by Thursday! The last guy was hanging on in his chrysalis, but he had changed quite a bit later than the others. It was cool to see its wings through the chrysalis, though.

It was only 60 degrees and cloudy, so just barely warm enough. Based on past experience, they love the sun and fly like crazy when it's hot. Since it wasn't, they didn't really do anything. They just sat in the habitat, and opened their wings. Eventually, we got sick of waiting (and kids were losing interest), so I pulled out the piece of watermelon that one was sitting on. It didn't move, so each child that wanted a chance to hold it, got to. They loved that! As they were passing it around, 1 butterfly did fly out and fly around the yard. They chased it everywhere as it flew and landed in the orchard, the irises, and grapes. It was so fun.

The one on the watermelon eventually flew off too. So I pulled out the flower with another butterfly, and got it to walk onto my finger. It was so calm and content, so each child who wanted a turn, got to hold it on their finger. They loved that!

The 4th butterfly was parked on the lid, next to the chrysalis that hadn't emerged, so I didn't dare pull it out. Eventually, we just went back inside.

We went in and got ready for our program and then once parents arrived, I noticed the last butterfly had emerged! We just missed watching it happen.

After school, I took them outside, and the newly emerged one flew off first! It was sunnier and warmer, so the other quickly followed and they flew off without letting any of us touch them! I'm so glad for the earlier weather so that each child got to hold one of our butterflies.

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